Can the size of glass wool be customized
Glass wool is welcomed and recognized by consumers. According to the different needs of different buyers, the specifications of glass wool can be customized.

Anyone who has a certain understanding of the thermal insulation material industry knows that glass wool is a very good thermal insulation material, which can be used in many different construction sites and has high value. The high temperature resistance of glass wool is very good, and the product life is very long. After the glass is melted, fiberization is performed, and a binder is added for curing processing to prepare a glass wool roll and a glass wool felt. The diameter of glass wool fibers depends on centrifugal extrusion technology.

In most cases, the size of glass wool can be customized. This is also because glass wool manufacturers know that the specifications required by different customers are different. If the specifications produced by them are the same, it will be difficult to meet different market demands. In this way, their own market sales will be greatly reduced, which is also very unfavorable to the development of their own enterprises.

Glass wool board is a deep-processed product of glass wool. It uses glass wool board semi-finished products as raw materials and is made through polishing, spraying, stickers, processing and other processes. In order to ensure the decorative effect of glass wool, the surface of the product is treated in two ways: one is to stick a plastic tissue paper; the other is to spray the surface. Therefore, according to the market demand, the manufacturer has also formulated measures that can be customized for glass wool. When you buy glass wool, you can explain the situation to the manufacturer and the glass wool specifications you need. This will ensure that you can buy The actual needs of glass wool, and its use performance is also very good.

Through the above analysis, we can know that the size of glass wool can be customized. The glass wool purchased in this way can make buyers more comfortable and at ease.