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Our business philosophy is to provide you with the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. Our employees have extensive experience in the service and have extensive knowledge and experience in the fields of rubber and insulation. We can provide excellent advice and support to ensure you get the right product at the lowest cost.


Provide high-quality rubber sheet, rubber foam insulation materials, rock wool, glass wool, aluminum silicate insulation materials.

High quality factory

Clean and tidy workshop, advanced equipment, and perfect testing procedures to ensure the production of qualified products in accordance with the standards.

OEM/ODM Service available

Provide professional rubber and plastic products OEM and ODM services. Can be customized according to customer needs.

Professional logistics

Professional logistics, in line with standard packaging, to make products safely reach users.

Rubber Sheet Products
High-quality, high-strength, wear-resistant, long-life rubber sheet product line.

Wide Ribbed Rubber Sheet

Natural Rubber Sheet

Silicone Rubber Sheet

Viton Rubber Sheet (Fluororubber sheet)

Fire Resistance Rubber Sheet

SBR Rubber Sheet

About Us

Xigu Company has transformed from a traditional enterprise of insulating building materials to a comprehensive enterprise, now we have the production, research and development, sales, construction, warehousing logistics, e-commerce platform and investment operation of thermal insulation materials and rubber products.        

Insulation Materials
We produce high quality insulation materials.

Fireproof and waterproof Rockwool Board

Mineral Wool Rockwool Blanket with Wire Mesh

Aluminium Foil Rock Wool Insulation Board

Open cell aluminum foam insulation tube

Aluminum selfseal adhesive backed rubber foam sheet

Rock wool strip

Rubber and Plastic Products News
Information on rubber sheet products and rubber and plastic insulation materials. The latest product information of the company.
  • Insulating rubber sheets have an insulating effect and are widely used in electric power places. Therefore, it is very important to select high-quality and safe insulating rubber sheets.
  • When subjected to the oxidation of ozone, the rubber sheet is prone to aging. For the protection of rubber sheets, it is generally divided into physical protection methods and chemical protection methods.
  • The article briefly introduces the composition and manufacturing process of silicone rubber sheet.
  • Natural rubber is one of the most widely used types of rubber. Natural rubber is mainly composed of proteins, fatty acids, ash, sugar and other ingredients. Various ingredients have different roles and effects.