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Natural Rubber Sheet

Natural rubber sheet has high strength, good abrasion resistance and flexibility. Good sealing performance, petrol resistance and shock absorption.

Viton Rubber Sheet (Fluororubber sheet)

Viton rubber sheet (Fluoro rubber sheet) is the best performance rubber sheet. The best resistance of high temperature, oil, acid/ alkali, corrosion and aging. Excellent flame retardant performance

Fire Resistance Rubber Sheet

Fire resistance rubber sheet product features a good delay to catch fire, reduce the speed of flame propagation, and self-extinguish from the fire.

Spong Rubber Sheet

√ High flexibility. √ Excellent shock absorption. √ Can be used for shockproof, gasket and ect.

Composite Ribbed anti-static Rubber Sheet

Excellent anti-static properties,Mainly used in the electronic field,Can be used on the working table.Composite ribbed anti-static rubber sheet is suit for entrance way, doors, lift doors, stairs, escalator aprons, ramps, walkways, tread mats, runners, shelving, work benches, flooring and more.

Spong Rubber

With excellent antifatigue property ,widely applied in leisure spot and work platform Can be customized in different sizes.

Hypalon Rubber Sheet

Have excellent resistance ozone,high temperature,oil and fire retardation

Anti-static rubber sheet

The products are beautiful, formation of good characteristics such as anti-static effects of widespread electronic communications equipment manufacturers welcomed.

Food Grade Rubber Sheet

Non-toxic, non-marking and non-allergenic. Good abrasion resistance and handles oily and greasy foods products well.