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EPDM Rubber Sheet

The EPDM rubber sheet has good resistance to ozone, ketones, acids, hot/ cold water and alkaline. Long service life to extreme environmental conditions and sustained flexibility.

EPDM Rubber Sheet Product Description

Material Selection

EPDM  Rubber Sheet


Thick: 1mm~50mm

Width: 0.6m-2m, strip cutter available

Length:  1m~50m


Black or any


Smooth, Textured, patterned 


65+/-5 Shore A

Tensile Strength 



180% - 250%


Excellent resistance of ozone, ketones, acids, hot/cold water, and alkali, long service life in extreme environmental conditions, sustained flexibility.


Inside PE film bag, outer Woven bags, then pallets with film wrapped. 


10-15 days for a full container, 20-23Tons; 3 days for sample

The EPDM rubber sheet has high hardness, physical and mechanical properties, and can work in the air with low pressure and temperature of 20℃ ~+140℃.

The EPDM rubber sheet is made by the calendering or extrusion molding, and it is vulcanized by a flat vulcanizing machine or continuously vulcanized with a drum-type vulcanizing machine. To ensure the flat surface, the rubber sheet is cut by an automatic machine.

The color of the EPDM rubber sheet: black, gray, green, blue, and so on. It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, transportation departments and housing ground, and so on. It is used as a sealing ring, rubber pad, door and window seal, and laying the working table and floor.

Main features

1)     EPDM rubber has good chemical stability, wear resistance, elasticity, and oil resistance.

2)     Excellent resistance to aging, electrical insulation, and ozone resistance

3)     It can be used for a long time at 120 ° C, and can be used temporarily at 150-200 ° C.



  EPDM rubber is widely used as a tire side, rubber track, rubber strip, and inner tube.

  It can also be used for wire and cable sheathing and high voltage insulation materials. 

     Detail image


      Supply Ability

         200 Tons/Day

      Package & Shipping

         1. Packing with plastic and white bags
         2. Packing with wooden pallets and cases
         3. According to customers' requirement


         We transport the EPDM rubber sheet at Tianjin, Xingang port

         The lead time of EPDM rubber sheet: about 15-25 days after payment


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